Checking in

Eight months since last journal entry. I was thinking about something so I figured writing it down here would be beneficial. Getting it "on paper" usually is for me. This year is the first year since I started practicing where I started with a clear reflection on how the last one went - from a… Continue reading Checking in

Dropping it, picking it up

I have had the good fortune of dropping in on the zoom "teatime" at Abhayagiri a couple of months in a row now. Since then, my practice has improved as has the meditation. I have made an adhitthana (a determination) to meditate for an hour a day now, after Ajahn Naniko recommended I do so.… Continue reading Dropping it, picking it up

Keeping at it

Today's meditation was short. It was hot in my little storage space turned meditation hall, and having slipped away from work knowing I'd only get 15 minutes, my mind relentlessly pulled itself back to thoughts of the tasks ahead. As always, waking up earlier to meditate before work would have been more beneficial. Surprisingly, my… Continue reading Keeping at it